Allianz Group


Allianz Group is one of the leading financial and insurance services providers in the world. The parent company of the Group - Allianz SE - was founded in Munich, Germany, in 1890. In more than 70 countries on 5 continents with over 157,000 employees Allianz serves more 125 million customers. Many years of international experience allows the company to satisfy their highest requirements.

The Group operates in three main areas: insurance, banking and asset management.

Property and Casualty Insurance (P&C) is a business ensuring over 55% of the premiums collected by the Group. Allianz is an acknowledged leader in insuring industrial risks.

Life and Health Insurance (L&H) is a business, in which Allianz leads the German market and holds a leading position in Europe.

Asset Management is the third key line of business of the Allianz Group, which became a separate company in 1998. Today Allianz Global Investors is in top 5 key players of the relevant global market segment. Following 2023 results, assets under management amounted 1,712 bn euros.

Reliability and financial stability of Allianz have been acknowledged worldwide. Allianz sustainability ratings are much higher than those of some countries, this allows customers of the Group to be more protected from political and economic risks of their states.

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Allianz - we care about everyone

Powerful opportunities of a large financial holding enable Allianz not only to rapidly develop its business across all continents, but also to launch and support global social projects, introduce innovative technology, create jobs for a great number of people, contribute to protecting the planet from global disasters. An expert in asset management, the company does its best not only to prevent unforeseen situations involving its customers, but also to ensure safe living on the planet.

To solve these tasks, Allianz has dedicated units: Allianz Center for Technology, Allianz Risk Audit, Allianz Climate change etc. which deal with risk assessment and search for the ways of risk minimization. Results of these activities are useful not only for the financial services market, but also for other business areas contributing to customer awareness and improvement of quality of life.

Allianz worldwide

Allianz has a broad network of subsidiaries worldwide. The biggest of them are operating in France (Assurances Generales de France), the UK (Cornhill Insurance), Italy (Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta), Switzerland (ELVIA), and the USA (Fireman's Fund). In May 2000, PIMCO Advisors joined the Group. Allianz has been gradually expanding to the East European and Asian markets.


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