Allianz Ukraine

Allianz Ukraine Superadded Liability Company was registered on August 30, 2005 and is one of the leading insurers in Ukraine. The company is a member of the financial and insurance group Allianz, which has been providing reliable insurance coverage to millions of customers worldwide for 130 years. By combining international and Ukrainian risk and opportunity management experience Allianz Ukraine helps its customers move on and up in life and business with confidence.
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Allianz Ukraine customers get one of the most sustainable and prosperous financial groups of the world as a partner. Membership in the Allianz family guarantees compliance with high international standards of financial sustainability, customer service level, corporate culture and business transparency.
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In Ukraine the company focuses on corporate clients and big risks in insurance of property, liability and cargo. Many years Allianz Ukraine is one of the leading and most authoritative insurance company for legal entities in Ukraine.
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Company customers are guaranteed steady and reliable insurance coverage based on the efficient business strategy, insurance reserves of the company and high-quality obligatory reinsurance coverage ensured by Allianz SE.

Allianz Ukraine possesses the best European technologies and guarantees its customers a convenient service, effective and prompt processes at all stages of interaction with the company. 

In support of openness and reference to classical insurers Allianz Ukraine is audited in accordance with international and the national standards. Quarterly results of Allianz Ukraine are available in press and on the official corporate web-site of the company.

Direct ownership:


Indirect ownership:

  • ALLIANZ SE (Germany)
  • Emilia Daniela Macarie
  • Mario Ferrero
  • Phillip Gronemeyer
  • Emilia Daniela Macarie
  • Phillip Gronemeyer
  • Carsten Scheffel
  • Mario Ferrero