Liability insurance protects your company’s financial interests in case of inflicting damage on individuals or organizations resulting from your company’s business, unintentional, wrongful acts of your employees, defects of goods or errors made in the process of service provision etc.

Allianz Ukraine offers a wide range of insurance plans for liability related to operation of premises, running diverse professional activities, and to defects of goods, works, services etc.


  • Financial strength and reliability are confirmed by the company’s insurance reserves, reinsurance coverage, unique experience and professional skills of the staff.
  • Allianz has the following financial ratings: Standard and Poor’s rating of АА and Moody’s rating of Аа3 and A.M.Best’s rating of A+.
  • Quick negotiation and conclusion of insurance agreements.
  • Assistance in assessing risk level and choosing insurance plans to meet individual needs of every customer to the greatest possible extent.
  • Flexible rate and discount system based on customer’s type of business and other factors that are essential for measuring the degree of risk.